The First Kiss

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Hello everyone. First post on my new site and I’m kind of excited, yet nervous as well because there are a few kinks to iron out. It’s a work in progress. Just like me I guess. But HUGEASS thanks to JenXi and co of who really have been angels and helping this blur blob with everything. And making it easier for me. Eternally grateful.

First, let me start by telling you what this site is, and what it is not.

1) It is going to be my opinions. How I feel about stuff. Raw and largely unedited. Occasional spelling mistake. More than occasional grammar mistake.

2) It is not going to be about trolling. Or complaining. Or about using the “power of the press” to bully people into doing something for me.

3) If I do complain about something, it definitely happened. And I was definitely unhappy about it.

4) I am generally rather easygoing and patient, and it’s not easy to make me unhappy.

5) It is not that easy to completely impress me either.

6) This site was set up so that I would have room for expressing stuff other than my emo-nemo-self that largely populated my old blog. I found it hard to write about anything else there because that was like my personal pen and paper journal.

It just felt too messy.

And maybe, while it is good to look back from time to time, to see how much we’ve grown and what we’ve been through, it isn’t always wise to hang on to … past emotions.

7) This is not about getting paid. Or getting advertising. If I like something, I write about it. I generally prefer to share my positive experiences. Only when stuff is really bad, do I share negative experiences. I usually will just not talk about them. People have to make a living too.

So, if I get advertising, great. You want me to give me something – I am grateful.

But, I don’t like feeling obligated to write about stuff.

And sometimes, if I don’t write about it, it is because I didn’t really like it.

8) If you don’t really like that… the worldwideweb is an incredibly vast and large place.

Go somewhere else.

If not, let’s get comfy and cosy, and share our thoughts, dreams, likes, dislikes. Feel free to leave comments, or write me an email.

Just don’t get nasty.


xx sara

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