Brunch at Cornerhouse

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Searching for a good brunch place in Singapore is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

New, hipster places open up every other weekend serving everyone’s favorite weekend meal.

But getting the right ambience, price, value for money, taste etc- is worse than the search for the holy Grail.

Ambience wise, Cornerhouse that takes over the previous Les Amis Au Jardin location in the botanic gardens, is idyllic, if slightly chi chi.

Food wise, it’s about $65+++ per person sans drinks. After water (I’m sure you can request tap, but we had still. Still an *%+€¥ waste of money if you ask me) and service charge, out added up to about $100 per pax.

For that price, I’d say that it was rather steep for what it was.

Don’t get me wrong, the food was actually excellent.

The amuse bouche platter that included duck rillete, the most tasty toast, and even foie gras terrine was amazing.

The eggs Benedict was a tad small portion-wise, but was cooked perfectly.

The Sunny side up was well… Even with my poor home economics skills, I could possibly come up with that.

The surprise was the scrambled eggs. Pathetically portioNed, it looked like it had the consistency of gruel, but it was divine!

2nd course saw me and Z go halfsies on the mains. The chicken dish was cooked with exacting precision, it was juicy and tender without a hint of dryness. Didn’t blow my mind though.

Neither did the spaghettini that looked slightly like the Malaysian hokkien mee.
It had truffle and other accoutrements that made it sound promising, but it did not deliver on taste.

I also found it strange that when my pal requested to have a bloody Mary cocktail (and they do have a Bar that serves cocktails) that we were told they couldn’t do one.

Dessert was good, but there was no choice for this. And we all know I’d rather end my meals with chocolate.

All in all, I actually liked the place. Would I go back again?

Yeah. Probably when I want to being people to a restaurant with a mice setting.

Overall: 3/5
Ambience: Very good. Slightly chi-chi. No noisy kids.

Price:$$$ (avg $100 per pax, no alcohol)

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