The current soundtrack : Clean Bandit’s Rather Be

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I almost always have some song running in my head, it’s almost as if there is a soundtrack to my life. 

There are times where I am walking, and in order to give myself some confidence a song comes on in my head that gives me a bit of a strut.

I’m sure many of you who workout know how much a good soundtrack can affect your routine. Great beats can really get you going, and sometimes, they can be equally jarring.

I believe it is because there is a rhythm to everything.

There are many thoughts swimming in my head right now. And I can’t even begin to talk about them. Let alone explain them at all. This morning, I was absent mindedly humming a song. And then when I realised what I was singing, my heart physically pulled in pain. I suddenly was cognizant of the fact that I was singing.. I can’t smile without you.. and subconsciously.. it was exactly how I felt.

An emo Rascal Flatts song came on after that “What hurts the most”.

And now… this is the song that is playing on repeat mode in my head.

Because there really was no place I’d rather be.

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