REVIEW: Proionic treatment at Porcelain

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So I’ve been a big fan of Porcelain facial spa since I discovered extraction specialist extraodinaire Aunty Jenny through DJ Maddy Barber.

Yes, the famous Quintessential facial at this place is super expensive (more than $400 a pop without promotions or package price) … But Aunty Jenny literally gets the gunk out from every. single. pore.

Yes. It’s painful. But it’s oh so worth every single cent and excruciating poke and prod. Because that feeling of clean… Amazing. And being able to walk around with a foundation free “no-makeup” face is truly liberating.

So when Porcelain first asked me to try out their new RF based treatment, I jumped at the chance.

Also called the Indiba treatment – this proionic facial comes with a skin reading session as well where you’re moisture, youth level, elasticity etc are tested. Lucky for me, I tested pretty great in all departments! Woohoo!

My face before treatment:




After getting changed into a “sexy” muumuu, the therapist then cleanses your skin in the comfort of a private treatment room, while you lie on top of a cold metal plate – the most torturous part of the treatment. I assumed this metal plate was to provide grounding for the RF that goes through.

Yesterday's oxyrevive sesh at  -   So apparently 5kg of pressure is sprayed onto your face using an oxyjet to soften and loosen impurities... Yup. Detox definitely due. Think everything in our lives needs a good cleanse once in a while.

The actual therapy consists of massaging your face with a series of  warm ionic plates from your neck all the way up to your forehead. The purpose: lifting, toning, stimulating rejuvenation.

DSC_1373 DSC_1376 DSC_1375DSC_1360

Supposedly, the 448kHz long-wave radio frequency stimulates cell movement underneath the skin, promotes oxygen flow, and restores the skin to it’s natural ionic balance.

The signs of aging are delayed, and with regular treatments, reversed.

Think of it as the heat and energy from the plates going deep into the skin, forcing your old, flabby cells to wake up and start stretching and moving around, raising their metabolic rates and getting more toned in the process.


The treatment itself is rather soothing. The plates warm up while in contact with your skin, and generate heat based on your body temperature. These plates are massaged over special lymphatic areas as well, which also triggers lymphatic drainage, hence why a tighter, V-line face can be achieved after just one treatment.

For me, I requested to see the different halves of my face during treatment, so that I could compare the two sides of my face.


Can you tell the difference?

For me, I felt that the side worked on (left of picture) definitely looked visibly lifted compared to the other side. What amazed me most, was probably its effect on my undereye circles. The side that was worked on was considerably lightened.

I guess the mumbo jumbo about increasing oxygen and circulation might have some basis after all!

The same effect could be seen in my neck area as well.

(After treatment on whole face)


Pretty good results for just one 75 minute session.

Since it is an RF machine, the treatment can also be used on other areas of the body for slimming and toning, similar to medical aesthetic machines like Velashape etc. I’m told that it is rather popular with women to help tone their post-pregnancy bellies.


The price of beauty naturally does not come cheap. Each session can set you back at about $350 a pop. ($190 for first time customers on their first session) but of course, the rates drop significantly  if you purchase a package. And from what I’ve experienced before, the people at Porcelain really try their best to give you the best deal they can, and throw in additional freebies etc where possible.

Porcelain also works with several banks for interest-free instalment plans.

From what I understand, they usually recommend a more intense 4 to 6 sessions, and then once a month maintenance treatments for the best results.

And if you’re keen on getting a V-lift, but don’t want to deal with needles, this may be your best alternative yet.
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