Adrift at MBS: Colour me unimpressed

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For a dinner at a place touting a celebrity chef. With a Michelin star. That stars pretty awesome cocktails. Where wine starts upwards of $148 and hits.. I don’t know. It was something ludicrous like $14000 or something for some bottle of rare wine or champagne?

I was expecting to be WOWED.

We went in a party of six. And one of them is a restauranteur herself.

Yes, there were lots of interesting items. Lots of interesting, contrasting flavours on a plate. But they felt deliberate and forced. Like.. “Look at me. I am daring do something different. I am going to SURPRISE/shock the person eating it.”

I don’t know. But it felt at times that both my eyes and my tastebuds were held captive by a culinary terrorist.

There are still some simple dinners that I have had years ago, and I can describe every single dish to you because it left such a big impression just based on flavours alone.

Or so well presented – like at Wagyu Kaiseiki Den in Hong Kong – where it felt like I was eating art. (We’ll come to that in another post because that was an amazing experience.)

I don’t know. But this meal didn’t impress me much. With one exception – there was this brick chicken dish. I tried very hard to not take a photo of it because the main feature was this entire witch-like chicken claw.

I do understand that many people think Asians eat anything and everything. And yes, chicken feet are a much-loved delicacy in this region. (One that I can’t appreciate. But I don’t judge.) Still – an entire claw. With nails still on.

That was just creepy.

And I don’t know what. But while chicken used to be my favourite meat ever. After my two year stint of being vegetarian – my tongue just gets turned off when meats don’t taste fresh. And the chicken.. was under-marinated and tasted kind of frozen. O_O

And I am not sure. But when magazines describe the food as “on trend” – it just makes me feel all the more justified in my opinion. Fashion is on trend. So basically.. it’s just.. a fashionable place. To see and be seen.

Oh. I did like the chocolate dessert though. It basically was ganache in a pot. With toasted marshmallow on the top. So.. it was hard for the chocoholic me not to like. It had to be a major disaster in order for me to have hated it. (And it’s hard, but some places have done that.)

But like all my friends said…

It basically is just chocolate in a pot.

This meal cost way too much. WAY WAY WAY too much.

Probably not going to go back unless it was for drinks. The service – which was faultless. Or the chocolate in a pot.


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