MACA at Tanglin Post Office : An undiscovered gem

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I had a very pleasant dinner just last week at MACA, discovered through a brief but flattering write up on

(I love their hot new tables section and I constantly refer to it for the latest eateries to pop up on our sunny isle.)

As I was dining with my pal Simone who just returned to Singapore, I wanted to try a new place that she probably had never been to before.  And the two month old MACA at Tanglin Post Office was the perfect choice. Lovely ambience for one. Industrial chic with a feature wall starring cool origami art, and a great outdoors area that I can imagine would fill up especially on the weekends – they should definitely start a good brunch menu soon and they’d be raking it in especially with the free parking upstairs and ample covered parking downstairs.

The chef, Rishi, (previously from Oxwell &  Co) was a jolly chap who you can tell is extremely passionate about food. And this comes through in his creations.

I have never been a fan of octopus – I have never  liked its chewy texture, and the suckers and tentacles are a turnoff – but his rendition had me actually finishing my half of the plate.

The scallop dish was also delicious, though the powdered sesame all over the Ceviche combined well with the buttermilk and gave it an edge over the scallops. (Which I forgot to photograph.)

Standouts were definitely the salt-baked beetroot and the iberico pork collar.

Beetroot is not an item I would ordinarily order at all. And if I was on a date – it would be a strict no-no in case I get stained teeth. But this was both a warm and cold dish with soothing flavours, especially when combined with the goat cheese. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, this dish is definitely worth a try.

The people behind the restaurant are also the same peeps behind Swiss Butchery, so I had higher expectations for their meat offerings. I would say the Iberico Pork Collar definitely held it’s own. Lightly charred on the outside, it was slightly crisp, and the gelatinous fatty bits made my tastebuds clamour for more. If we were in Biblical times, this was a cut that would have been offered to God.

While chatting with Chef Rishi, he mentioned he is averse to over-handling the meats. Because they get such great cuts, he wants them to be the star of the plates. So most of them are hardly marinated with the basics – salt and pepper – used sparingly. That impressed me even more, and I’m definitely aiming to return to try other dishes out. (Hopefully with more people so I can order more food!!!)

Dessert was also good, considering they had no chocolate!!! (Travesty in Sara Ann’s book!) But their Marshmallow dessert was interesting enough to keep me sated and not start a riot.

Wines are moderately priced – $70 – $200++ per bottle. But I think drinking is best done during their lunch hours.

Check out their current menu:

Even ala carte prices are not too bad. We got a $90 bottle of late harvest wine, 1 glass of wine, 1 cocktail, 6 dishes and our total bill added up to $300. (They only have three sweet wines on the list!!!) Ah – I tried this sour plum cocktail that was not too bad. But I tried a taste of a friends Pimm’s sours I think it was. (Featured above.) And that was delish! Please be warned though, they are no light touches with the alcohol, because me and Simone were pretty tizzy at the end of this dinner.


Address: #B1-01 Tanglin Post Office
56 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247964
Phone: 6463 8080.
Opening hours: Wed-Sat 5pm-10pm, Sun noon-4pm, 5pm-10pm.
Parking: Free if you park upstairs






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