Where to apply blusher

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So, I’m a big fan of blusher. Mostly because I tend to look pretty pale – well as pale as my “heritage tan” allows me – when I don’t have a little colour on.

Days when I don’t have blusher – I get people telling me I look tired, or asking if I am sick.

On days when I put it on – people ask me if I get sunburnt.

I have realized that a lot of it depends on how much blusher is applied, and in what colour. And being “olive” – blue and yellow undertones to my skin – I’ve found a mix – somewhere between pink and peach, and a personally prefer a bit of golden glow to it, works for me.

I’ve often used Bourjois pot blushers because I love the fact that they are small and have a little brush inside. I’m currently using 16 Rose Coup de Foudre (Love Struck Rose.)


Tarte is another favourite – more because of its lasting power.



Recently I also used my sister’s cream blusher from Bobbi Brown and found it to be pretty good – very natural.

But, here is the biggest tip of the day – where to apply blusher for your face shape… TADAH!


Hey, we all learn something new every day.



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