Hideaway Villas Bali : A raw gem hidden away

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Planning on not doing anything at all? Getting lost. And having no one disturb you? Well, Hideaway Villas in Uluwatu is just the place to do it.

Recently open in Dec 2015, these villas – there are currently 20, and once fully complete, there will be 35 – are what I would deem, GREAT VALUE! We got them at a bargain at a “launch promo” rate at SGD$150 a night, and while there were a few teething issues, as to be expected in all new businesses.. Let me start with all the plus points.


1. the staff are probably some of the friendliest we’ve seen in Bali. And we go to Bali about six times a year. Truly exceptional, the staff are always smiley, helpful, on the ball, and readily come up with solutions for any problems that crop. They are proactive. React fast. Plus they go above and beyond. Excellent.

2. Best mattresses and pillows we’ve ever had at a privately owned villa. Ever. I was tempted to rip the sheets off to check where they were from because my whole family and I had good sleeps on these beds. And me! The perennial insomniac. I slept. So comfortably.

3. The food. You can get breakfast either in-room or, dine at the restaurant. We ordered ours in-room daily. And they might have some of the best eggs benedict I’ve had on the island. Also of merit, the Ayam Bubur (chicken porridge) – was oh so tasty, and great for a  lighter breakfast. I wasn’t too keen on the salmon omelettes though, and the full American breakfasts were too huge! What I did appreciate – the fresh juices, the home-made strawberry jam that might be a little sour and runnier than most jams, because they actually make the jam themselves from local strawberries, and the huge pastry basket and fresh fruit platter that came every morning.

We even felt bad when we saw the effort the staff put into decorating the restaurant for Easter brunch, though, most occupants had probably taken the one-hour ride into town to enjoy the day.

Some of the minuses though.

  • while the reception in the 2-bdrm unit was fast and stable ( they had room 808 I believe), the 1-bdrm hardly had any reception, not even on the local Indonesian sim cards. At all. Not even the hotel Wi-Fi, which hardly ever connected in our room at 101.
  • we had several power outages during our stay. About 3 times. Not unusual for Indonesia. Especially not for somewhere as far out as Uluwatu. The longest one lasted about half-an-hour, but it was during the night, and if not for the fact that I had been awake and watching Korean dramas, I would not have noticed at all. Everyone else slept through it. On the other two occasions, we called front desk, they said they were on it, and 15 mins later, solved.
  • we ran out of water, twice. Hotels tend to have their own water purification system, but for smaller villas, they require having water trucks to deliver fresh, clean water, daily. So it was a bit of an annoyance the two times the water stopped. No flushing. No taps. No showers. But the first time we called the front desk, a guy came within less than 30 seconds, and offered us bottles of mineral water to bathe in or use for whatever we needed
  • the shower pressure was strange. In our room, when the tap was cranked up to the max, the water from the shower would come out as a trickle when it was on cold water, and a boiling blast, when moved to hot. I think the people who fixed ours mixed up the water pressure with the temperature adjustment. In the 2-bedroom unit which both had ensuites, one had great pressure, the other was inconsistent. Often slowing to a trickle, that my sis and friend resorted to using water from the tap instead.
  • they are growing a lot of their own greenery on rooftops, in the gardens, and in the tiny gardens in the bathrooms. They use natural fertilizer, and some times, the smell bothered us a little.
Honestly, despite the few flaws, it still is a place I would recommend.
Especially given the current price tag, I think it’s for people who don’t mind a place with a few quirks. Not for the fussy types, it’s really for people who can see the places’ charm beyond the little flaws. It’s for a couple who wants to really be left alone for a weekend of romantic debauchery or it can be a quiet, but scenic spot for a post-graduate student to write a thesis/paper or a novel.
It is one of those places that while I think, might not be perfect… feels like it will constantly try to be best it can be. So it feels like it’s hovering on the cusp of perfection, if only because of the staff, who really try so darned hard.
Imho, it strikes me as a 3-star boutique villa with a 5-star heart.


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    Thank you for the great write up , we are appreciated it so much.

    Tho we have a little short fall but we have our heart set right 🙂 , do give us another shot we have gone through our opening jitterbug.

    Thank you again for staying with us.

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