I like lyk and I cannot lie

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So, if you are unlucky with tech, like myself, you need this post.

I have these two numbers on my speed dial.



Yes. These are my phones.

Bear in mind the iPhone was repaired a week before this huge crack happened. (V dropped it.)

But credit where it’s due – the old girl held up in Niseko, despite the cold weather, even when my friends iPhone froze up and refused to work. That said, it sustained another huge crack across the screen after I dropped it, screen-first, into the snow, and proceeded to pick it up and put it back into a pocket, with my handwarmer packet. -_-”

So I’ve actually changed the screen once after my Japan trip. I just did it again last Thursday. (And I’ve only been back for three weeks!)

In that time, my pal Xing, who was in the Japan trip, had sent her iPad for repair back in HK. And now it’s been hacked. Yup. She’s been telling me the horror stories of what’s been going on the in screen repair world in HK.

Apparently people hack into your system or cloud when you send it in for repair for various reasons. Some, try to find scandalous photos and try to blackmail you with it. Some, try to find sensitive work documents and hold them ransom till you pay a price. Others, download your keystrokes when you’re entering passwords and credit card details.

All in all. I was shocked. And now I’m pretty grateful I’ve found these guys : Gavin and Zhenyu from Lyk Mobile.

First of all, they’re affordable :


All these prices are the most reasonable I’ve found for cracked screen repair.


Second, they’re reliable and trustworthy, honest and sincere.

I needed to change my screen again after they had already repaired my phone two weeks ago. The new screen was faulty and not touch-sensitive. Zhenyu told us to swing by his office, and he changed it within half-an-hour. No charge.


Best part : for an extra $25 – they do door to door service..

Basically, they come straight to your house, and repair your phone. Usually within an hour.

Honestly. It’s a miracle.

But hey, all good things must share right?

So here are their details.


Seriously the best phone repair guys we’ve had. They even rescued V’s iPhone 6 – which had ceased working altogether after he repaired his screen at another place. That place took his phone three times after they repaired his screen, promising it would work after, but after 2 months, and more than $500 spent, they returned the phone, still not in working condition.

All it took was one weekend with Lyk, and the iPhone 6 is back in working order.

So, yeah.

This ain’t a sponsored post. Well. Neither are most of my posts. But now you know.

Save the numbers. They come in really useful. Take it from me. #goodthingsmustshare

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