Industrial strength against humidity

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OK people. This post is going to be real. Short. And sweet.

Well at least for sure after you read this post you have no excuse for smelling sour.


Introducing my industrial strength underarm secret….








This shit is legit.

I mean… I have done hot yoga with liberal lashings of this stuff under my arms… And literally every pore on every cm of my body cried buckets…. Except for those under my arms.

Impressive performance I tell you.

And a few other up points for me.

  • unscented (they do have sports and floral, but I’m not a fan. When I use a scent I don’t want a clashing smell)
  • I’m not allergic to it!!! I used to swear by simple, and Nivea, and Adidas – I’m now allergic to all of them. They give me a blotchy, red, terribly itchy rash under my arms. Scratching underarms subtly is not very easy, so I tended to look like a gorilla after a while on those. Not very attractive.
  • They really last all day. I use it like a normal deodorant – not like what it says – leaving it on overnight etc.
  • It doesn’t “clog” my skin. Some anti-perspirants caused me scary zits or bumps because they close up your pores and prevent them from sweating right? But for some reason, though this does the job even more effectively than those that caused me those occasionally scary bump growths (some follicles would get infected and grow to the size of a marble, and that was painful!), this has never had that effect on me.

Major con – it’s hella expensive compared to other anti-perspirants out there.

A roll-on costs anything from $15-$17 per bottle. And the sprays average about $17-$18.

Why so much fuss over pits you ask?

Well any girl or guy who has suffered the sweaty pit stains on clothes will tell you… Yeah. Letting your pores breathe might be healthier….. But it definitely drives people away.

And I like having friends.

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