Love and kindness are always appreciated. Special thanks to one of the ladies in yellow – just one of the smiley assistants at SGH A & E. I was observing her for a while, and she was cheery and helpful. Even stopped to ask an old lady in her 80’s who was waiting for her hubby in critical care of she had eaten, and if she could buy her lunch. And that was when she was off-duty. I think I must’ve looked in really bad shape (ok- I lie- I KNOW I looked like what the cat spat out- then got rolled over by a snowplow. And backed up on by a proby driver) cos she looked at me and gave me a reassuring pat on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, everything will be ok.” Of course.. That set off a fresh fountain of tears. But I am grateful for the kindness, and sensitivity of strangers. I hope she is blessed richly, if the work she was doing yesterday, was any indication of her attitude to life and work is on any given day. from with — Big panda hugs for this ❤️

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