Quite possibly the sexiest cake with an Asian twist that I’ve ever tasted – Avocado Cheesecake with gula melaka – a special delivery on my sickie earlier this week from VERDICT: It’s ahmazeballs! The smooth creaminess of the hass avocados go perfectly with the cheese making it even creamier (if that were possible) without making it overly heavy and dense. The flavors of the gula melaka really came through too, lending the cake a subtle depth of sweetness, without the cloying artificiality of many desserts. Perfectly balanced. A solid 3.9/5 Also tried : Millionaires tart 4/5 Macha opera: 3.3/5 Gnome dome: I WAS TOO FULL! But I’ve heard many good things. So let me know if you try it before I do!

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