Roadtested the new for 2 weeks. Verdict: 1. – not as conspicuous as other smartwatches. (not so pickpocket eye-catching) It’s a connected watch that beeps or blinks with your notifications. Put it on silent mode if you’re on lots of whatsapp chats! Downside: It’s not a smartwatch. PLUS POINT 1: Water resistant up to 10ATM. That’s 100m. 330ft!!!! You could be diving and still getting notifications from your phone! PLUS POINT 2: It has a function that helps you find your misplaced phone. Or helps your phone find your misplaced watch. The device will start to cuckoo! PLUS POINT 3: It’s about SGD$180. A lot cheaper than most smartwatches. Honestly, it’s a watch for people who swim or travel or are near water all the time.

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